Sourcing Healthy Ingredients at Spirit & Co.

Sourcing Healthy Ingredients at Spirit & Co.

When it comes to creating distinctive sauces, where you get your ingredients from is really important. In fact, ingredient purity can make or break the quality and taste of a product, and at Spirit & Co. we carefully pick our suppliers and ingredients for each of our sauces. 

So, exactly what’s in our sauces? We’re so glad you asked...

Bourbon & Smokey Bacon BBQ Sauce

Our Bourbon & Smokey Bacon BBQ Sauce is handcrafted in small batches with Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, American-owned and produced since 1783. Sweet, smokey, and tangy, this BBQ sauce boasts irresistible notes of bourbon and bacon.

Vodka & Italian Tomato Ketchup

Hand-crafted in small batches with premium American Vodka from select grain, our Vodka & Italian Tomato Ketchup is distilled four times and bottled in Kentucky. Made with imported San Marzano Italian tomatoes, our ketchup is as crisp as it is refreshing, adding the perfect balance of red pepper and vodka spiciness to any dish. Fun fact: Our tomatoes used in the ketchup are actually grown in volcanic soil in the south of Italy.

Irish Whiskey & Honey Mustard

Produced in small batches with barrel-aged Irish whiskey, our Irish Whiskey & Honey Mustard is master distilled and blended in Ireland. Infused with both clover honey and agave nectar, this sauce is noticeably tangy, with a balanced sweetness and Irish whiskey finish.

Tequila & Green Chile Hot Sauce

Featuring 100% Tequila Blanco produced and bottled in Mexico, our Tequila & Green Chile Hot Sauce brings mouthwatering heat to the palate. Perfect for tacos, nachos, and fish, this hot sauce is zesty from its note of lemon and tequila, with poblano, jalapeno and habanero peppers.

Cabernet Sauvignon & Steak Sauce

Made in small batches with Cabernet Sauvignon from grapes harvested and produced in Chile, our Cabernet Sauvignon & Steak Sauce brings sizzle to every dish. Boasting deep wine notes and a black pepper finish, this sauce is made with a balsamic vinegar base and a fruity red wine that is sure to please.

 … But There’s More!

All of our sauces are made in a small production facility in Chicagoland, IL. Our small batches are about 80 gallons per run, which may sound like a lot for an individual person, but is actually very small by production standards.

In crafting our sauces, a lot of care and attention went into ingredients sourcing and recipe development— all of which the mastermind behind Spirit & Co., Nick Spencer, did from his home kitchen. Along with only using premium liquor, Spencer also made sure that our sauces are natural; vegetarian; contain no high fructose; corn syrup; free from artificial preservatives; gluten free; and cholesterol free.

And while our distinctive sauces do incorporate premium liquor, the way it works isn’t how you may think. Meaning, that, we don’t just pour three shots of Tequila Blanco into our Tequila & Green Chile Hot Sauce and call it a day. During the production process, the majority of the alcohol in the sauces is actually cooked off, leading the liquor to intensify and add flavor to the sauce at hand.

As where our food comes from becomes more and more important, we will remain driven by a desire to feel more healthy and for simple, clean products with one purpose: to Raise Your Spirits and develop exciting and healthful flavors that elevate everyday dining.